Bindu Subramaniam

Bindu Subramaniam

Bindu Subramaniam is a singer/songwriter, author and music educator.

She is the lead singer of the contemporary world music band SubraMania, which she started with her brother Ambi Subramaniam. In addition to creating their own material in English and traditional Indian languages, SubraMania works with well-known classics and jazz standards to interpret them in a completely new light. It has built on a multi generational musical tradition, but with a sound that is distinctly its own. Their first release ‘Days in the Sun’ has over a million views on Facebook.

As a solo performer, Bindu has performed around the world, and won an Honourable Mention at the Billboard World Song Contest. She is the recipient of a Global Indian Music Award and was also named one of 12 Gen Next Achievers by Verve Magazine.

Bindu heads the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts, headquartered in Bangalore, and started the SaPa in Schools program, which teaches music to over 10,000 children as part of the school curriculum.

She has co-written the SaPa Baby series of books to teach music to young children.

She is also closely involved with the philanthropic activities of the Subramaniam Foundation.

Bindu has a Master’s degree in law from London University, a Master’s certificate in songwriting and music business from Berklee Music, an MPhil, and is currently working on a PhD in Music Education.