The AIYD is aimed at developing new avenues for collaboration and partnership between Australia and India, and strengthening existing ones, through the power and vision of the youth in both countries. With almost two-thirds of India‚Äôs population under the age of 30, India is one of Australia’s largest sources of permanent migrants and the second-largest source of international students.

As the primary youth organisation in the Australia-India relationship, the AIYD has been surging forward in the following areas:



Encouraging cross-cultural experiences and facilitating people-to-people links.



Facilitating interactions between young leaders to illustrate how soft power and public diplomacy can be a catalyst in promoting Australia-India relations.



Promoting and facilitating collaboration amongst young leaders from Australia and India.



Advocacy and engagement in issues and opportunities in the Australia-India relationship.


The Australia India Youth Dialogue (AIYD) is a youth-led dialogue between the young and emerging leaders of Australia and India. In brief, the AIYD hosts 15 of the best and brightest young minds from each country at an annual conference, held in India and Australia in alternate years.

The aim is to enable a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives, and encourage our emerging young leaders to think creatively about how the Australia-India relationship may be strengthened through their own work and efforts.


Ultimately, the AIYD aims to complement the strategic partnership between the two countries by:

Cultivating and fostering the
relationship between Australian and Indian youth in a meaningful manner.

Providing a deeper cultural insight and understanding of the similarities and differences between the respective nations.

Providing support to deal with problems and trends in the relationship and potentially providing solutions for those problems.

For further information about previous AIYD conferences, delegations and keynote speakers, please visit the Past Dialogues section of the AIYD website.